During my time with the NBDA,  I looked to improve their overall communication platforms internally and on behalf of their members, as well as expand their view on what was possible for their organization. In addition to more traditional efforts around e-news communications, trade shows, and social media platforms, I focused on three key efforts:


The campaign was created as an asset for both the NBDA and for use by its members. Buy Where You Ride centered itself on all the efforts local bicycle retailers put into their communities, the services they often provided that fell below the radar, and served as a visual and emotional connection between all IDBs. Additionally, the BWYR assets, inclusive of brand guidelines, allowed IBDs to incorporate the logo into their existing creative or use ready-to-use ad creative we provided.


Having not had an update since its inception, The NBDA’s member publication Outspokin’ was in need of a complete creative refresh, as well as a revised focus that took into account the demands on its readers time. Creatively Outspokin’ was designed to transition itself into a digital platform, with a more dynamic look that could easily move to an online zine and establish itself as centerpiece of the NBDA’s communication platforms. The content focused itself around “actionable” items, shortening the length of articles, layering in more step-by-step visuals, partnering with vendor partners (experts in their space) and marking a new era of change for the NBDA.


Designed as a potential industry-wide campaign, and presented as such to industry peers, the Bikes Build… campaign looked to focus on three key challenges facing the bicycle industry; The need for a unified brand agnostic outreach to attract new riders, find emotional connections with a diverse array of user groups and be actionable/scalable regardless of the available budget to drive it.